Thursday, October 1, 2009


Flys High-Waist Denim Shorts. SGD76

Kit T. White/Brown. SGD46

Ginger Denim Shorts. SGD82

Outrage T. White/Grey/Oatmeal. SGD60

Roller Leggings. Yellow/Black/Lightblue/Purple. SGD56

Cobalt High Waist Pants. SGD88

Spree Skirt. Red/Navy/Charcoal/Pink/Black/Grey. SGD60

Polar Boots. SGD102

Sugar Boots. SGD160

Collar Heels. Black/Beige. SGD89

Cheetah One-Piece. SGD48

Little T. SGD54

Chain T. Black/White. SGD54

Erin Bow Skirt. Black/Grey/Red. SGD68

Military Minidress. Blue/Charcoal. SGD70

Janet Multi-strap Heels. Black/Dark Brown. SGD118

Wired Heels. Black/Grey/Brown. SGD88

Sea Dragon Heels. SGD78

Monostripes Peeptoe Heels. SGD89

Orient Black Boots. SGD99

Wesley Wedge Heels. Black/Tan. SGD82

Mood Heels. Black/Dark Brown. SGD8

Charm Boots. Black/Beige/Jade. SGD84

Poppy Heels. SGD82

Scotts Skinny Bootie. Black/Brown. SGD98

Socke Tall Boots. Black/Brown. SGD106

Black Fold-Over Boots. SGD84

Red Checked Blazer. SGD86

Fran Pink Leather Pouch. SGD35

Wrap Shorts. Black/Khaki. SGD68

Amber Flats. Black/Brown. SGD60

Murphy Stitch Boots. SGD102

Elena Destroyed Denim Miniskirt. Black/Blue. SGD64

Happy Suede Boots. Black/Brown/Grey/Tan. SGD90

Donna Heels. Grey/Black/Brown. SGD60

Ledger Stretch Miniskirt. Purple/Black/Olive/Orange. SGD48

Black fly Top. SGD108

Studded Skort. SGD56

Droopy Wedge Boots. Black/Brown. SGD99

Liner Bootie. Black/Brown. SGD82

Diaper Shorts. Black/Navy. SGD56

Gianna Satin Bow Skirt. SGD60

Cupcake Blazer. SGD160

Sienna Leather Jacket. SGD136

Black T. White/Grey. SGD54

Wild Bunny Blazer. SGD136

Boyfriend Blazer. Black/Beige. SGD130

Rail Tank. Charcoal/White. SGD68

Fly Bow Flats. SGD86

Belle T. Black/Beige. SGD70

Charlie Buckle Boots. Grey. SGD115

Charlie Stud Boots. Beige/Grey. SGD115

Tweety Lace-up Boots. SGD110

Long Trench. SGD140

Linds Bootie. SGD90

Jude Oxford Boots. SGD100

Barbie Leather Flats. Pink/Purple. SGD82

Butterfly Purple Skirt. SGD48

Senorita Suede Loafers. SGD70

The Happy Story T. White/Green. SGD46

Take Back The Night T. SGD46

Q Sexy Swimsuit. SGD60

Danni Flats. Black/Blue/Ivory. SGD85

Sandwich Heels. Pink/Green. SGD68

Leah Lace-up Boots. Black/Brown. SGD128

The Red Boots. SGD68

Star Hi-top Sneakers. Gold/Silver. SGD96

Delia Studded Skirt. SGD84

Chucky Wedge Suede Bootie. Black/Brown. SGD86

Multistraps Flats. Grey/Black. SGD72

Thicke Strap Sandals. Black/Beige/White. SGD60

Bee Chunky Necklace. SGD68

Denim Lace Sandals. Lightdenim/Darkdenim. SGD58

Multistraps Hi-cut Flats. Black/Grey. SGD84

Spectra Bow Heels. Purple/Pink. SGD68

Skyline Fine Legging. Grey/Dark Grey/Orange. SGD58

Flat Bootie Sandals. Tan/Black/Beige. SGD98

Bianca Black Leather Bag. SGD140

Rae Shopper Bag. SGD140

Leo heels. Grey/Black. SGD90

Box Flats. Navy/Black. SGD78

Rita satin Heels. Blue/Grey. SGD86

Claudia Blouse. SGD102

Morgan Tweet Jacket. Black/White. SGD146

Bejewelled Toga. SGD70

Medea Blazer. SGD120

Giant Chain Necklace/Belt. SGD60

Maria Layered Ruffle Skirt. Blue/Plum. SGD88

Alexa Stripes T. SGD58

Pearl Drops Necklace. SGD56

Wrap-around Jacket. Black/Grey. SGD126

Deco Jacket. SGD140

Lambert Blazer. Black/Beige. SGD140

Ziproll Necklace. SGD56

Silver Army Jacket. SGD120

Dark Angel encrusted bangle. SGD50

Medea Blazer. Red/Grey. SGD126