Sunday, September 27, 2009


. ready stocks .
only 1pc each available

Bolt Rings. SGD36 each
[ Pls indicate number for ordering ]

1, 7, 11, 12, sold out
Ready stock for these rings are available at The Loft, 16A Haji Lane

Goldblock Statement Necklace. SGD60

Friday, September 4, 2009


Deb Necklace. SGD58

Bitts Necklace. SGD58

Black Corsage Hairband. SGD40

Thick Platform Haywire Heels. Black/Brown. SGD102

*PREMIUM* Nude Two-tone Pump. SGD184

Dexter Bootie. Black/Grey. SGD152

Mod Skirt Black. SGD108

Blueprint Vest. SGD102

Tainted T. SGD56

Cropped Trench Jacket. SGD168

Long Soft Blazer. black/White. SGD140

Bud Hairband. SGD46

Black Vest with Foldable Hood. SGD144

Vincy Feather Accessories. SGD60

im a rockstar Necklace. SGD53

Flybutton hi-waist Denim Shorts. SGD80 *hot*

Crown Blazer. SGD138

Raf Simons Necklace. SGD58

Old Jack T. SGD58

Apache Leather Bracelet. Black/Brown. SGD68

MJ Skip T. Blue/Pink. SGD58

Narsia Belt. Black/Brown. SGD65

Drape Vest. Beige/Purple/Red/Black. SGD60

Ice Denim Polkadot Skirt. SGD58

Denim Mini-trench Jacket. Army/Beige. SGD100

Scarlett Sandals. Black/Brown. SGD86

Blacknet Jacket. White dot/Black dot. SGD130

Vamp Wegde Heels. SGD150

Fan Sandals. Navy/Green. SGD72

Haywire Pumps. Black/Brown/Grey. SGD88

Mustard Bar Suede Sandals. SGD90

Fullstud Heels. Black/Brown. SGD88

Sheldon Bootie. Black/Brown/Grey. SGD92

Diskotic T. White/Grey. SGD50

Plain Bubble T. Grey/Blue/Pink. SGD48

Black Widow Bootie. SGD84

Senorita Maryjane Heels. Black/Lilac/Cream. SGD78

Tallulah Wedge Bootie. Black/Grey/Cobaltblue. SGD72

Bleach Freak Blazer. SGD118

Sandy Suede Bootie. SGD79

Cocoon Skirt. Grey/Black/Beige/Red/Green. SGD52

Survivor Dress. SGD68

Suede Cut-out Bootie. Black/Grey. SGD66

White Gladiator Sandals. SGD88

Starblind Bangle. White/Blue/Orange/Black/Pink. SGD28
Butterfly Bangle. SGD36

Minilet Boots. SGD102

Roman Bootie. Blue/Plum. SGD80

Pink Tweet Jacket. SGD114

Longsleeve Toga Top. SGD64

Stonewash Rider Jacket. SGD116

Grey Romper. SGD102

Springer Bangle. SGD54

Eyelet Black Jacket. SGD86

Soft Ribbon Hairband. Black only. SGD48

Uno Bracelet. SGD58

Giant Chain Necklace. SGD58

Captain Brooch. SGD30

Electrig blue Blazer. SGD110

Glph T. Black/White. SGD50

Ava T. SGD50

Euro Tank. Cream/White/Blue/Black. SGD45

Mesh Skirt. Mustard/Blue. SGD75

Stripes Crop Loose T. Oat/Beige. SGD50

Black Cage Bracelet. SGD58

Aphro Thick Stud Bracelet. SGD60

Blue Glass Bracelet. SGD52


Grace Bow Hairband.Blue/Green. SGD54 each

Zeet Hairband. SGD54

Locke Hairband. SGD54

Bronze Hairband. SGD54

Bolt Necklace. Gold/Silver. SGD58

Matt Stud Bracelet. Gold/Silver. SGD22 each

Gladiatrix Bootie. SGD136

Heartbreaker Heels. Grey/Black. SGD112

Haywire Leather Bootie. Black/Brown/Beige. SGD118

Grey Rider Leather Jacket. SGD136

*Hot Stuff* Tartan Check Blazer. SGD 110 only

Clown Legging. SGD58

*PREMIUM* Ramiel Goldzipper Blazer. SGD145

B Blazer. Light Grey/Dark Grey. SGD132

Shredded Leggings. Brown/Black/Grey/Purple/Magenta. SGD40

Moschi Giant Bow Miniskirt. Gold/Black. SGD70

Crystal Bomb Earrings. SGD58

*PREMIUM* Pearl Detail Jacket. SGD136

Double B Pumps. Black/Grey. SGD88

Gold Braided Necklace. SGD68
Gold Braided Bracelet. SGD50
Gold Braided Set (Necklace+Bracelet). SGD100

Turchese Gemstone Pendant Necklace. SGD48

Baby Denim Blazer. SGD88

*PREMIUM* Metal Claws Sandals. SGD185

Ruffle Green Minivest. SGD70

Hana Bow Bootie. Black/Brown. SGD78

*PREMIUM* Soft Leather Blazer. Green/Pink/Black. SGD210

*PREMIUM* Epic Leather Biker Jacket. Purple/Salmon Pink/Black. SGD210

Wave Pumps. Nude/Black/Brown. SGD86

Saint Bootie. Black/Brown. SGD76

Marty Stripes T. Wine/Orange/Green/Black. SGD68

Fan Bow Heels. Black/Beige. SGD70

Puff Sleeve Bolero. Turquoise/Coffee/black. SGD112

Cutback One-piece Dress. SGD104

Ministuds II. Black/Beige. SGD88

Eiffel Flats. Pink/Purple/Black. SGD68

Miniwing Denim Skirt. SGD74

Circuit Flats. Green/Blue/Purple/Black. SGD74