Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Little Red Jacket. SGD55

Cupcake skirt. S/M. SGD88. Great for Christmas!

Katherine tees. Freesize. Offwhite/Grey. SGD42

Redcarpet skirt. SGD75

Premium jeans shorts. SGD70

Acidwash jeans. SGD88

Kate Fold jeans. Washed black. SGD88

DoubleWings jeans. Black. SGD88

Burton jeans. Blue/Worngrey. SGD88

Guardian Angel jeans. SGD88

School Girl top.Black/White. SGD53

Take a Bow top. White/Cream. SGD55

Purple Swirl Skirt. SGD70

Thousand Layer skirt. SGD65

Mini Zipper. Purple/Black. SGD90

More Shoes and stuffs!

Daria jewelled flats. SGD74

Daria Jewelled heels. SGD74

Katherine corsette heels. Black/Grey. SGD82

Danielle jewelled heels. Black/Iceblue. SGD69

Lena Bootie. Black/Brown/Tan. SGD80

Joy flats. Black/Dirtygrey. SGD88

Marilyn pumps. SGD90

Marlene flats. Black/White. SGD69

Forrest Pump. Electric Blue/Black. SGD96

Sugarcake heels. Iceblue/Yellow. SGD66

Purple/Red flats. SGD58

Jeanie nautical theme wedges. SGD38

Purple suede Wedges. SGD65

Jagger bootie. Black/Brown. SGD58

Canvas bootie. SGD50 ONLY!

Peter bootie. Grey/Black/Brown. Gorgeous! SGD85

Enamel Pointy Heels. Black/Grey/Peach. SGD79

Mongolie casual boots. SGD80

Maze flats. Black/Brown. SGD66

Purple Velvet Juicy flats. SGD55

Goldie bootie. SGD57 Only!

Corduroy Bow flats. Black/Grey/Brown. SGD62

Manolosh Jewel Heels. Satin Blue/Black/Violet. SGD92

Cleopatra Heels. Blue/Black. SGD85

The Red Sole. SGD87